Menjadi program studi yang unggul, kompetitif, dan profesional dalam bidang manajemen pendidikan Islam di Indonesia pada tahun 2023



Series Foreword ix JAMES A. BANKS, University of Washington, Seattle Introduction 1 GLORIA LADSON-BILLINGS, University of Wisconsin–Madison PART I: POLICY AND POLITICS

1. What Should Count as Educational Research: Notes Toward a New Paradigm 17

JEAN ANYON, City University of New York

2. Interrupting the Right: On Doing Critical Educational Work in Conservative Times 27

MICHAEL W. APPLE, University of Wisconsin–Madison

3. Carry It On: Fighting for Progressive Education in Neoliberal Times 46 DAVID HURSH, University of Rochester

4 Public Intellectuals and the University 64 ALEX MOLNAR, Arizona State University

5. Trudge Toward Freedom: Educational Research in the Public Interest 81 WILLIAM AYERS, University of Illinois, Chicago

6: “This Is America” 2005: The Political Economy of Education Reform Against the Public Interest 98 PAULINE LIPMAN, DePaul University

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