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Performing management-system (journal)

Putting the System Into Performance
Management Systems: A Review and Agenda
for Performance Management Research

It has been 13 years since the last comprehensive review of the performance management (PM)
literature, and a lot has changed in both research and practice in that time. The current review

updates (identifying new research directions post 2004) and extends this previous work by creat-
ing a systems-based taxonomy and conceptual model of PM. We then use this model to interpret

and integrate the extensive work in this area and to identify fruitful and systems-based direc-
tions for future PM work. As input to our conclusions, we reviewed the last 36-plus years of PM

research (1980–2017) and conducted a comprehensive coding of all empirical PM articles. We
offer several specific directions for future PM research, with the ultimate goal of improving PM
in practice.

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