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BPIEM Successfully Achieved International Certification AUN-QA

Bandung, MPIUINSGD  – The Department of Islamic Education Management, Faculty of Tarbiyah and Teacher Training succeeded in obtaining the AUN-QA International certification from the results of an assessment conducted by the AUN-QA assessor on October 10, 2022.

This certification has been submitted for MPI UIN Bandung at the end of 2021 and received in October 2022. There are 11 assessment criteria for this certification, namely the Learning Outcome Program, Program Specification, Program Structure & Content, Teaching & Learning Approach, Student Assessment, Academic Staff Quality, Support Staff Quality, Student Quality & Support, Facilities & Infrastructure, Quality Enhancement and Output.

ASEAN University Network (AUN) is an organization engaged in the field of collaboration between universities in the Southeast Asian region. AUN itself was established as a forum to guarantee the quality of tertiary institutions, strengthen cooperation and is responsible for promoting higher education quality assurance and collaborating with regional and international parties in the ASEAN Region. Whereas AUN-QA is one of the certification activities carried out by AUN in carrying out quality assurance, in each university study program that is a member of it.

In addition, AUN-QA can also be a stepping stone towards international accreditation at the global level. The benefit for universities whose study programs obtain AUN-QA certification is the equality of the quality of study programs at these universities with quality study programs in ASEAN.

In line with the Mission of UIN Bandung, Head of the BPIEM Department, Dr. Irawan, M.Hum said that this certification was carried out as a strategic step in meeting international standards in the field of education.

“Thank you to all the academic community, alumni, & MPI FTK stakeholders who have contributed to this certification, this is a mandate for us to continue to provide an even better educational quality assurance process.”

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